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Film Festivals: Making it Home : Dodgeville
The Dodge Theater in Dodgeville
Thanks to the Dodge Theater for hosting a wonderful weekend of Making It Home events! Photo by Carrie Kilman.
Thank you Dodgeville!
The Wisconsin Humanities Council is grateful to everyone who attended the Making It Home Film Festival and to the local presenters:
  • Dodgeville Chamber of Commerce
  • Iowa County UW-Extension
  • Military Ridge Prairie Heritage Area
  • We would also like to thank local sponsors: Dodge Theatre, Folklore Village, Uplands Garden Club, Sustain Iowa County, Grassroots Citizens of Wisconsin, Linens & Accents, Dodgeville Veterinary Service, Master Gardener, Harry and Laura Nohr Chapter of Trout Unlimited, The Nature Conservancy, Blue Mounds Area Project, Pizza Hut, and the Dodgeville Public Library.

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What is at stake if residents don't talk about the land and our connections to it?

If we don't talk about our connection to nature, we may not realize how important it is, and it may become sacrificed in the name of progress. Nature has no voice. Discussion can give the land a voice, and can give people a voice, too.
-Katie Abbott, project director in Dodgeville.

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Film Festivals: Making it Home